How to Load Cargo into Your Ram Truck

When you're getting your trailer all loaded up with cargo and ready to go, it's important that it's all been loaded correctly so you have a smooth and safe ride. Last time on the blog, we talked about how to connect a trailer to your Ram truck and now, below, we'll explain how to ensure your cargo is in the right place so you can head off to your next destination with confidence.

How to Properly Load Cargo into Your Trailer

  • Balance is key. In general, 60% of the weight should be loaded in the front half of the trailer, and 40% should be in the rear half (unless otherwise directed by the trailer manufacturer).
  • Balance the cargo evenly side-to-side, as well, focusing on a low center of gravity.
  • Secure the cargo in place with a nylon rope or towing straps, as the weight will shift while the vehicle is in motion.

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