How to Drive Your Ram Truck While Towing a Trailer

How to Drive Your Ram Truck While Towing a Trailer

We've been discussing ways to make using a trailer easier here on our blog, and this time we're here to discuss one more aspect of attaching a trailer to your truck: driving with it. Safety is always our top priority here at Salsbury's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, so take a look below to get the details you need on how to drive safety and securely with a trailer in tow.

Driving Safely with a Trailer Attached to Your Ram Truck

  • Drive Slowly. With a trailer on your truck, it will take longer to speed up as well as to slow down, so take it at a slow pace and leave plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Stay in Control. If you feel the trailer start to sway or whip at all, take your foot off the gas pedal and slow down to regain control.
  • Take Caution When Passing. When you're driving with a trailer, it can be easy to forget that your vehicle takes up considerably more space on the road. Only pass when necessary, only where the law allows, use your turn signals, and account for your trailer length and slower acceleration.
  • Stay Aware of Turn Radius. The longer the trailer is, the wider your turn will be. Always double check your mirrors and take turns slowly to keep your trailer from swaying or toppling over.
  • Bring a Full-Size Spare Tire. You never know when you'll need it, and a compact tire will not serve you well.
  • Approach Hills Slowly. Always slow down before going downhill, and always downshift when going up or downhill if you have a manual transmission.
  • Take Special Care when Reversing. With a trailer attached, turning in reverse can be a little confusing at first. To make it simpler, put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel; to turn right, move your hand to the right, and to turn left, move your hand to the left. Only adjust your direction small amounts at a time, as small movements of the steering wheel translate to larger movements of the trailer. If it starts to jackknife, simply pull forward a bit to straighten it out, and try again.
  • Keep Parking Simple. Unless you're the best of the best, it's a better idea to look for parking space on flat, level surfaces that you can pull straight into and don't require backing out of. Always use your parking brake and use chock blocks on the wheels.
  • Stay Alert! Everything takes a little more time and a little more skill when driving with a trailer. Plan your turns and lane changes further ahead of time, pay attention to things happening further down the road than usual, and avoid all distractions to maintain your own safety and the safety of those around you.

If you have any further questions for us about trucks, come out to see us here at Salsbury's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today. We'll answer all of your questions and show you around the selection of new Ram trucks, sure to put a smile on your face.

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