Sometimes, meeting the standard just isn't enough. When considering your Jeep Wrangler, one simple modification could make your ride unrivaled on the road: a lift job! This easy improvement to the Wrangler's body or suspension height affords any owner the luxuries of higher quality performance, a bolder style, and ultimately, an enriched driving experience. Let's dive into the details on how a lift kit job makes owning a Jeep even more exciting.     
Salsburys' CDJR in Baton Rouge, LA maintains an extensive catalog of Jeep Wranglers that are ready to be lifted and driven today. Feel free to call us at (225)-926-8800 or browse our online site for available models. Keep reading below to learn more about installing a lift kit on your Wrangler.  

Lift Kits Are Fit for Any Lifestyle

Whether it's for the outdoor weekender or someone just trying to get through the morning commute, a lift kit serves any lifestyle. A lifted Jeep Wrangler commands the scene unlike any other vehicle.  Embellished looks and multi-terrain performance capabilities are a few of the key benefits this improvement offers. The vehicle's robust body boasts an image equally as powerful as it is practical. And nothing captures true American grit more than lifted Jeep Wrangler trailblazing across the country's southern corridor.   
A lift kit allows your Jeep Wrangler to tackle any terrain. Off-roading has never been easier. The enhanced spring system and greater suspension offer better means of traversing steep inclines and rocky ledges. Enlarged wheels and elevated body equip the lifted Wrangler with the ability to traverse Louisiana's vast wetlands. No longer is any driver hindered by demanding frontiers of the great outdoors. A lifting job prepares your Jeep for any challenge, creating new destinations out of unattainable landscapes. It's ready to take you there.  

Making The Best Decision: The Two Types of Lift Kits

Lifting adjustments are usually separated into two categories: body and suspension lifts. Each type of job is geared at separating either the body or suspension from the frame of the Jeep Wrangler. However, a few cost and mechanical differences also differentiate the two.     

While body lifts offer cosmetic enhancement and room for slightly larger tires at a relatively inexpensive price, suspension lifts provide technical capabilities to the Wrangler that are not afforded to either the factory model or body lift.     
A suspension lift, despite its higher cost, focuses on an extension to the spring coils that ultimately yield greater ground clearance and wheel travel. In comparison to the body lift, it also allows for larger tires to be installed. Essentially, the suspension lift furnishes the Wrangler with tools necessary for all intensive driving and off-roading; the body lift provides visual appeal.    

Get your Jeep Wrangler Lifted at Salsbury's CDJR in Baton Rouge, LA!

Whether you're looking for a quick styling or to maximize off-road performance, lifting your Jeep Wrangler may be the answer. Unlike most mechanical procedures, there isn't just one solution offered through the lift job. Lifting is tailored to what you want out of your ride! At Salsbury's CDJR, we offer full-service customizations in addition to our developed inventory of Jeep Wranglers. Come on down and scope out the upgrades you need today! And remember... Go Tigers!